Takeuchi TB216 Excavator

Height : 2290 mm ( option to remove canopy )
Width : 980 mm ( Fully retracted )

The TB216 is perfect for sites with tight access yet has the ability to lift 1m Reconstituted Limestone blocks (250kgs) and install 1200×1200 concrete soak wells.

There is also a wide range of attachments, buckets 300mm 500mm and 1000mm wide and rock breaker if required.

Caterpillar 303cr Excavator

Height : 2500mm
Width : 1550mm

This is a great mid size machine with 500mm and 1200mm wide buckets. It is also perfect for laying limestone blocks.

We also have access to a 6 wheeler truck & trailer (20 cubic meter), semi trailer and large excavator.

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