Perth Limestone Company can install and construct with a wide range of premium limestone products.

· Natural Limestone from the Carabooda region which is light cream in colour and dense. Limestone from the Moore River region is slightly darker in colour and has a courser texture in its appearance

· Quarry cut blocks: cut direct from the Quarry floor using Tungsten tipped blades, give the blocks a course natural look.

· Diamond cut blocks: reprocessed using multi-blade saws which give the blocks a smooth texture and accurate size.

· Reconstituted Limestone: a man made product using crushed limestone and a cement mix which creates a block that is much more dense than natural limestone.


At Perth Limestone Company we also offer a wide range of pointing options including Flush Joints, Raked Joints, Striked Joints and rolled joints.

For samples of our finishes please visit our photo gallery.

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